Sophie asked me about getting a Tivo. Basically if you don't do DirecTV, a series 1 Tivo is all you really need. I have had an original Phillips 14-hour series 1 Tivo for years. Stuck a 120G drive in it and a network card and it is a happy little box. Should be in some sort of hall of fame for the best geek gadgets of all time. ComputerGeeks has the original Tivo already upgraded with an 80G drive for $219 which isn't a bad price. And if you add the promotional code "GEEKTIVO" during checkout, you get $20 off. $199 for a series 1 80G Tivo is not bad. The original 14-hour Phillips Tivo can sometimes be had for $89 from ServiceDVR. But right now they don't seem to have any of the 14-hour ones. The cheapest is a 30-hour for $129. So, for the geeks out there, find yourself a 14-hour series 1 Tivo in good working order and upgrade it. Plenty of people are upgrading to series 2 or DirecTivo boxes so you can also check Ebay and look for an HDR-112 (original 14-hour Tivo) or better. For the non-geeks, that $199 Tivo from ComputerGeeks is probably your best option right now. Also have a look at Seth's TiVo Evangelism Page for more Tivomania.

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