Spamassassin normally a very good toy. I use it extensively with Razor2 and Bayes hooked into it, it catches nearly everything. Today, however, I was suddenly inundated with Viagra spam. Odd, since any such spam usually sets off all sorts of SA alarms. And sure enough, the alarms were there:

X-Spam-Status: No, hits=0.9 required=5.0

So what gives? I have my BAYES_99 rule cranked way up to 5.4, so that alone should have put it over the 5.0 spam requirement, never mind all the other ones it triggered. The answer is of course that there is a large negative rule in there. In this case it was this HABEAS_SWE thing. The default SpamAssAss scores file has:

score HABEAS\_SWE -8.0 score HABEAS\_VIOLATOR 16.0

And it turns out that Habeas is some sort of "good spam" company that you can pay to get yourself whitelisted if you really need to spam people. I can see how that could be useful if you have a newsletter or something that people subscribe to and then it can't get through because of filters, but then these Habeas people damn well better be on the ball and triple-check the intentions of everyone and also run a tight ship security-wise. Given the fact that I received at least 20 Viagra spams before I killed that -8 rule, they obviously weren't quite on the ball and I don't particularly appreciate that this rule was in the default SA config to begin with. I haven't tracked down exactly who put that rule in and what sort of compensation changed hands. If someone knows, I'd like to know. I would suggest that you find your file. Mine is in /etc/spamassassin/ and add:

score HABEAS\_SWE 0.0

Making it neutral.

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