Canon Digital Cameras

Finally a digital SLR we can afford. Called the Digital Rebel in the US and EOS 300D elsewhere. They left out a few things, but still a very impressive camera. DPReview

The S400 is still the coolest small 4MP digital camera around and a perfect sidekick to the Digital Rebel. We use it as our travel camera to go with the G3. The G3 with the external flash attached and with its better lens still takes noticably better pictures though. DPReview

Although the newer SD-memory SD100 is cool as well. DPReview

And an even newer SD-based camera. The SD10 loses the optical viewfinder and the optical zoom, but it is really really small and comes in 4 colours. DCResource Review

This is our current digital camera. Aside from being a bit bulky, it is a great camera. DPReview

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