This server is well over 5 years old and really starting to show its age. It's a 2.66GHz P4 with a Gig of ram and mirrored 80G drives. I am constantly running out of disk space and spamd chews up all available cpu on a regular basis. Moving Bayes token expiration to a cron job helped spamd cpu usage a little bit, but it still isn't a happy server.
I need way more disk and way more ram. I'm looking for a dual-cpu, mirrored (software raid this time) 500G drives, and 4G of ram 1U box to stick in the colo. This fits the bill, although I find the quad-core cpus a bit silly. I'd be fine with quick dual-core chips, but the bang-for-the-buck on the configs there seem to favour the 4-core chips.

This Supermicro looks ok as well.

A Sun X2200 is a possibility, but they seem a bit pricy for what you get and I like the new 45nm Intel chips.

Has anybody run across any interesting new 1U servers?

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