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This XS-Drive toy looks useful. I noticed Compgeeks has them for $89.99 without a drive. Then it is just a matter of picking up any 9.5mm laptop drive and slapping it in there. DPReview of it
On the other hand, it does seem a bit silly walking around with two harddrives all the time. One for your mp3 player and one for offloading your digital cameras. So they have a combined version called the XS Drive Pro. I wonder how well this one works. Very little info out there on this thing and it looks like it is only selling in the UK right now. If anybody has one, please report back.
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Arnaud on :

To avoid walking around with 2 HD, and if you already own an ipod, the "Belkin media reader",, could be an interessant solution i think.
Apple website says "The 40GB iPod can hold up to 20,000 images (the equivalent of 160 256MB memory cards)."

X DRIVE dissapointed on :

I purchased two X Drives they ARE nice but the USB cords ARE delicate and once broken unobtainable FROM MANUFACTURER !!!! I tried to get one from the vendor I purchased item from... ComputerGeeks and was told try CompUSA or MFG. CompUSA does not carry a compatable cable and I tried contacting the MFG... THEY REFUSED to sell me one told me to contact MY VENDOR!!!! SO I have TWO useless drives!!!!!!!!!!!! I recontacted ComputerGeeks only to be told SORRY try one of the sources in ENGLAND listed on the VOSONIC website. YES I AM POed!!!!!

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