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-1 T42p toy

A negative toy posting...

My nice new T42p was stolen by some loser at a PHP conference in Paris. It is amazingly inconvenient to lose a laptop like this. It was from inside the conference hall and there was virtually no non-geek traffic there. If a fellow geek actually stole my laptop from a PHP conference then there is something seriously wrong with the world. You can steal my car, my money, my shoes, I don't really care, but don't steal my damn laptop!

Now to determine what to replace it with. It took a while to get it configured nicely and I really don't have the time nor the energy to do that again. Perhaps a G4 Powerbook so I don't have to fiddle as much. Will be hard to give up that nice 1600x1200 Flexview display though.


Jeremy Zawodny's blog on : Taking my backups more seriously...

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After my most recent brush with Murphy (in which I lost the hard disk on my T23), I decided it was time to actually do something with my new SATA hard disk controller (the Promise Sata150 TX4 I asked about) and those three 250GB disks I bought. Linux Archive Server I've added the controller and three disks to the Linux box that has served as my workstation from time to time. It already has two 80GB IDE disks, a DVD-ROM...

Al Hoang's Weblog on : OMFG! My Laptop was stolen. Um.. duh?

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Seems one of the creators of PHP got his nice shiny new laptop stolen at a PHP conference in Paris: My nice new T42p was stolen by some loser at a PHP conference in Paris.


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perrick on :

Well I was there when it happened back in Paris and I can't say how much I am angry, disappointed and everything.

justin on :

just an idea - it might help to get a message about this placed on , so that more people are aware of it (esp. if you get offered a T42 with Debian "second-hand" )

Sterling Hughes on :

Sorry to hear about the 42p, that's really sad :'(

Go powerbook! :)

At least then you can say "I owned one, and it sucked as much as I told you yours does." :)

Seriously, a Powerbook isn't a bad option. I don't find myself doing much "hacking" on my schlappy (lack of tools like valgrind is prohibitive, even if the mac does offer some equivalent garbage), but I don't really want to do that much work outside of the office anyway... I just want to check my email, read some news sites, purchase stuff and play music. The Mac is bar-none for all those things.

With that said, I did go a 8 month stretch doing all my coding (more than fulltime) on a Mac schlaptop... It wasn't "awesome," and I sorely missed stuff like valgrind (ssh + linux would've been the solution there, but still.) The terminals aren't nearly as good: hint, iTerm blows, and not in a good way... I use xterm for all my terminal needs these days, which is adequate. But what is nice, is unlike windows, I can do my work on it when I need to.

justin on :

hmmm... i cant help wondering if we should put out an all points bulletin in the blogosphere about Rasmus's laptop. Get it on Slashdot, on CNET, on ZDNet on the Register, on the Inquirer, on , on thousands of hacker blogs - kind of a mass "find Rasmus's laptop" meme that could spread wildly through the blogosphere. We've got two important pieces of info - its T42, and it runs Debian. Surely it's not that hard to organise something like - hell, get the Firefox folks to stick a advert up about it. I dunno , i really feel for Rasmus - it wasnt just the laptop, it's the coding he did that he had not commited to the PHP cvs - now that's blood , sweat and tears just wasted, and thats a horrible feeling to have. Rasmus - have you got any CCTV coverage about it? Have you got a serial number? Is there anything we can do to help out here?

C'mon folks - we've managed to make PHP the most popular language in the world, and made Linux the most popular development platform in the world - surely we could network together to find Rasmus's laptop. Just a thought...

Oktay on :

Look into compaq x1000 or hp n7000 series. 1920x1200 wuxga is available. Comes out very cheap too.


frank on :

spanish blogs had been talking about it, at least you know how much people care about you, because everybody feels like offended

cyril on :

What a shame ... It s too bad ...

vardhan on :

That's gotta suck. All of my friend's PCs have been stolen too.. That sucks even more.

Mahangu on :

Whoa, that sucks! I recall you using a thinkpad, and that's why I was surprised to see you today (at FOSSSL in Sri Lanka), using a powerbook.

Seriously, if a geek took it, his root should be compromised, resulting in total data loss. :) I believe that what goes round, comes around..

Also, thanks for the excellent talk today. I certainly learnt a lot about php5, and what to expect in the coming versions.

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