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Playing with Gearman

This was written in September 2009 when the current version of Gearman was 0.9. Thanks to Eric Day for answering my dumb questions along the way.

To get started, install Gearman. I am on Debian, so this is what I installed:
% apt-get install gearman gearman-job-server gearman-tools libgearman1 libgearman-dev libdrizzle-dev
Enable Gearman in /etc/default/gearman-server
Set up Gearman to use MySQL for its persistent queue store in /etc/default/gearman-job-server
 PARAMS="-q libdrizzle --libdrizzle-host= --libdrizzle-user=gearman \
                       --libdrizzle-password=your_pw --libdrizzle-db=gearman \
                       --libdrizzle-table=gearman_queue --libdrizzle-mysql"

% mysqladmin create gearman

% mysql 
mysql> create USER gearman@localhost identified by 'your_pw';
mysql> GRANT ALL on gearman.* to gearman@localhost;
** Careful, if you are running MySQL using --old-passwords this won't work with libdrizzle. You will need to get the 41-char password hash with a little snippet of PHP that does the double sha1 encoding:
% php -r "echo '*'.strtoupper(sha1(sha1('your_pw',true)));"

% mysql
mysql> UPDATE mysql.user set Password='above_output' where User='gearman';

% mysqladmin flush-privileges
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