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Using pecl/oauth to post to Twitter

PHP I have seen a lot of questions about OAuth and specifically how to do OAuth from PHP. We have a new pecl oauth extension written by John Jawed which does a really good job simplifying OAuth.

I added Twitter support to the other day and it was extremely painless. The goal was to let users have a way to have Slowgeek send a tweet on their behalf when they have completed a Nike+ run. Here is a simplified description of what I did.

First, I needed to get the user to authorize Slowgeek to tweet on their behalf. This is done by asking Twitter for an access token and secret which will be stored on Slowgeek. This access token and secret will allow us to act on behalf of the user. This is made a bit easier by the fact that Twitter does not expire access tokens at this point, so I didn't need to worry about an access token refresh workflow.

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