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Looking for an 802.11g bridge

I've given up on the idea of a PCI 802.11g card for the Linux server. Driver issues are too annoying and an 802.11g bridge isn't much more expensive anyway. So now the problem becomes finding a good bridge. The Netgear WGE 101 seems like it might do the trick. At around $95 it is also one of the cheaper ones.
The WET54G is the Linksys bridge. Reviews are not very flattering and it is more expensive.
The WGA54G is the Linksys game adapter which doesn't have anything to do with games, of course. It just means it is a single-port bridge and it is a bit cheaper than the WET54G. But unless it was much cheaper than the Netgear I think I'd still prefer the Netgear.
Another option would be to pick up another WRT54G since it can be hacked into acting as a bridge if you turn on WDS support.
And finally there is the D-Link DWL-G810. I have not had good luck with D-Link gear in the past and it also looks rather ugly. Anybody out there have one of these?
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Last modified on 2004-07-30 18:27

802.11g Netgear WG511 and Linux

I picked up a cheap Netgear WG511 the other day. Got it for $35, probably because they have recently released the WG511T which uses the Atheros super-G chipset. The older WG511 uses the Prism Duette chipset which isn't officially supported on Linux by anybody. I say officially, because some code has snuck out and there is a new site out there devoted to it. Have a look at I haven't tried that driver yet, but I will update this when I do. [Update - Feb.18/2004] I am now using the driver from compiled into my 2.6.3 kernel on my Thinkpad and it works nicely.

For now I wanted to give the Linuxant Driverloader a whirl to see if I could use the native Windows XP drivers directly on my Thinkpad with a very recent 2.4.22 kernel. It worked amazingly well. See the extended entry for the step-by-step screenshots.

Of course, the whole point of going with 802.11g over 802.11b is to go faster. I haven't done any real performance tests yet with this Windows driver running on Linux. Hopefully I will get some time to test it against the native driver soon. Continue reading "802.11g Netgear WG511 and Linux"

Canon Digital Cameras

Finally a digital SLR we can afford. Called the Digital Rebel in the US and EOS 300D elsewhere. They left out a few things, but still a very impressive camera. DPReview
The S400 is still the coolest small 4MP digital camera around and a perfect sidekick to the Digital Rebel. We use it as our travel camera to go with the G3. The G3 with the external flash attached and with its better lens still takes noticably better pictures though. DPReview
Although the newer SD-memory SD100 is cool as well. DPReview
And an even newer SD-based camera. The SD10 loses the optical viewfinder and the optical zoom, but it is really really small and comes in 4 colours. DCResource Review
This is our current digital camera. Aside from being a bit bulky, it is a great camera. DPReview